JAX Chamber takes entrepreneurial approach to small business development

The business model and value proposition are cornerstones of the JAX Bridges program. In early 2012, the JAX Chamber's Entrepreneurial Growth Division made a commitment to emphasizing business modeling as a key component of small business and entrepreneurial development. We held our first Business Model Canvas session at the JAX Chamber with great success that summer.  We later integrated it into our orientation process for nearly two years in Jacksonville (FL) before making it the foundation of the JAX Bridges program in 2014. It is our belief that educating entrepreneurs on the development of stronger business models will lead to more sustainable businesses. There are many utilities to the Business Model Canvas and tons of resources to support it.  We have included some videos to help orient users.

1. You may start by stating your hypthesis and drawing the Business Model Canvas

2. You may then move to testing your problem and solution toward product/market fit.

3. This gives you an opportunity to verify or pivot.

4. Which then creates an iterative circle towards a customer development process.

5. A quality customer development process can lead you to customer validation.