JAX Bridges

Accepting Applications starting August 14th

JAX Bridges is a program of the JAX Chamber Entrepreneurial Growth Division 

What is cost? No cost at this time for entrepreneurial education.

What is time commitment? Ranges from 6-30 hours depending on the education selections you choose.  Morning, afternoon & evening sessions available.

Who should apply? Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the intent to grow. And those who want to be a part of a JAX Chamber spring event for connecting with large suppliers.

What is the goal of the program? To prepare Northeast Florida SMBs to gain access to capital and contract opportunities to grow their business.

Does the size of my company matter? No, accepted participants are grouped by similar size for entrepreneurial education to ensure a great experience. We support all stages of business.

Do I need a formal business plan to start? Nope, but you do need a plan in some format. We are focused on building waves of success.

Who are the facilitators? Entrepreneurs who have similar experiences to yours and have achieved growth.