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2016 Fall JAX Bridges (Cohort #5)

New Participants

  1. Application period: August 15th-26th (Please share these dates).
  2. Assessment/Online orientation period: August 29th-September 2nd
  3. Entrepreneurial education opportunities available September 7th through December 2nd:
    1. Must be past participant or
    2. Must complete application and assessment by due dates to attend sessions.
  4. Bridge-To-Business event: Tentatively set for November 15th.
  5. Recognition event for participants: Tentatively set for December 5th

Past Participants

  1. If you wish to attend session during the Cohort #5 please contact Evone at 366-6655 after September 2nd to obtain schedule of education opportunities.
  2. If you wish to submit your business model or 20x20 presentation for review please sign up here.