Dates for upcoming 2016 cohort

  • Application period: January 13-27
  • Assessment period: January 29th- February 1st
  • Online orientation period: February 1st-6th
  • Entrepreneurial training begins week of February 8th
  • Next Bridge2Biz event scheduled for week in May 16th
  • Next recognition event is scheduled for week of June 6th

Volunteer to be a guest speaker or facilitator for a JAX Bridges session

  • Must be a JAX Bridges certificate holder
  • Speaking/Facilitation opportunities (SignUp with this link)
    • Business Model
    • Capability Statement
    • Value Proposition
    • 20x20

Business Model Validation Submission Opportunities

JAX Bridges 20x20 Extension Program (New 2016)

The JAX Bridges 20x20 Extension Program is designed to position participants to pitch and present their venture or product at the highest level possible. This session builds upon the initial 20x20 efforts in the JAX Bridges cohorts. Pitching is based on the 8 Principles.

  • January (This pilot is full)
  • August (Next Signup)

JAX Bridges Regimentor

The Regimentor Program is for JAX Bridges graduates and designed to build on the eight core principles of the JAX Bridges program. The goal is to enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to create sustainable regimens for their enterprises that lead to success. These are small groups of 8-10 peers that meet monthly and hold each other accountable weekly. Select links below to access your group.

JAX Bridges Portal Training (via Webex hosted by Coastal Cloud) select a link to join